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Dangerous Proposition

The man in the black and white photograph is looking to his right. The camera is positioned slightly below him, a position that emphasizes his stature.  Caught in mid-speech, mid-sentence, mid-thought, he is intent on what he is saying.  His gaze is focused; his right hand extended, the long fingers spread wide.  The seriousness inContinue reading “Dangerous Proposition”


“What is truth?” the Roman governor Pontius Pilate asks Jesus, during what Christians know as Holy Week. In the Gospel of John (chapter 18), Pilate asks this question after Jesus says that he has come into the world to testify to the truth.   “What is truth?” Pilate asks.  And Jesus does not answer.   It is notContinue reading “Truth”

A poem for my father

Holy discomfort this week looks like letting go. My father is ill. His pneumonia is not responding to antibiotics, and he is refusing to eat. My brothers and I gathered around his hospital bed. The nurse poked at him to wake him up and yelled into his ear, “Your children are here. ” He rousedContinue reading “A poem for my father”

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