Dangerous Proposition

The man in the black and white photograph is looking to his right. The camera is positioned slightly below him, a position that emphasizes his stature.  Caught in mid-speech, mid-sentence, mid-thought, he is intent on what he is saying.  His gaze is focused; his right hand extended, the long fingers spread wide.  The seriousness inContinue reading “Dangerous Proposition”

What is Whiteness?*

This week I joined a group of white folks exploring what whiteness is.  One of our first assignments was to write a “racial autobiography.”  To begin, we were asked, “When did you first realize that you were white?” Imagine my astonishment, as I eagerly seized my pen and hovered with expectation over the blank page,Continue reading “What is Whiteness?*”

For What It’s Worth

WHITE PEOPLE, this one’s for us.  Specifically for us.  (Although, of course, anyone is free to read.) When there’s a crisis, we progressive white folks get all riled up and put out our BLACK LIVES MATTER signs and participate in protests, put bumper stickers on our cars, maybe purchase a T-shirt, etc. Then we celebrateContinue reading “For What It’s Worth”