When the GPS Dies

Part of my sabbatical I am spending alone in a cabin in the Kentucky bluegrass country.  Google Maps predicted that it was a 6+-hour drive from Atlanta via I-75.  Even in normal day-to-day driving, I hate traveling the crowded interstate.  Especially I-285 and I-75 out of Atlanta, people driving at high speeds, with enormous impatienceContinue reading “When the GPS Dies”

An Opportunity for Holy Discomfort

What does it mean to be a white ally to people of color?  What are the essential traits of a white ally?   Surely one of those traits is the willingness to stay in relationship even when it’s uncomfortable.–whether I am being called on my own racism, or being challenged by a story that is unfamiliarContinue reading “An Opportunity for Holy Discomfort”

Pulling Up the Roots

Trigger warning:  In this post, I write about a lynching, in a fair amount of detail.  Please be advised. Google “English ivy,”  and after you pass over numerous advertisements for nurseries where you can purchase it, you will find page after page of warning. You see, English ivy is an invasive plant, introduced into theContinue reading “Pulling Up the Roots”

The Power That Is Love

I was born in 1953.  So I came of age during the 60s.  A time of turbulence and upheaval, of questioning and throwing out old norms of behavior.  A cultural revolution.  There was a lot going on:  the civil rights movement, the Vietnam war and protests against it, the assassinations of major public figures, includingContinue reading “The Power That Is Love”

Braving Holy Discomfort: A Life

Rev. J. Wesley Shipp, Sr, turned 89 today, March 2.  He and my mother taught me and my brothers everything we know about braving holy discomfort. A farm boy, born and raised in Princess Anne County, VA, who played football for Kempsville High, he remembers that, at age 12 or so, he would stand inContinue reading “Braving Holy Discomfort: A Life”